Speaker Spotlight: Chris Moon

Drumroll please…



Introducing one of our expert session leaders: Chris Moon, Systems Administrator at Google!


Bio: Chris Moon is a Systems Administrator at Google. His primary focus revolves around specialized fleet management tooling and security for Chrome OS and Android. Over the last three years he has helped build and define Google’s internal Mobile Platforms team which oversees Google’s internal Chrome OS, Android and iOS fleet. He graduated from the University of Arkansas Walton College of Business in 2011 with a degree in Information Systems.


As an expert session leader, Chris will be using his knowledge of Chrome OS systems to equip you the next time you find yourself in a coding fire drill.


Topic: Administrating Unanticipated Service Proliferation

The Breakdown: Pulling from his experience of building out the world’s first Chrome OS system administration team, this talk focuses on handling the issue of unexpected aspects of your business becoming increasingly critical. By analyzing causality, expectations, automation and monitoring over various time-scales this talk aims to provide an overview of solutions for all participants regardless of the size of their business.


We asked Chris some questions to get know him a little better.

What is your background in?

I went to school and got a degree in Information Systems and German Literature. I also fix 1940’s toasters, sewing machines and carburetors. I was initially exposed to programming through my Information Systems degree with VB.Net, but took several C++ and video game development courses as well.


What drew you to Google?

I wanted to work for a company that was at the bleeding edge of technology, while also priding itself on maintaining a culture of ethics, environmentalism, transparency and non-traditional organizational structures.


Having graduated from the University of Arkansas, what is your favorite aspect of Northwest Arkansas?

Classical Ozark culture with its forthright grit and veneration of nature.


Mac, PC or Linux?

Chrome OS


AWS or Azure?

You know I work for Google, right?


What is your least favorite programming language?

Javascript ===


What are your thoughts on Mountain Dew?

Raw water.


Musk or Bezos?

Parisa Tabriz.


Favorite cryptocurrency?