Record Downtown


Record  Downtown 

Meet NWA

Numerous places in Northwest Arkansas have been established by the Walton family - you know, the family of Walmart founder Sam Walton.

One of those places is Record, the future home of our first Nowhere Developers Conference!

Located just off the Bentonville square, Record is a sprawling (12,000 square feet!) industrial event venue opened in 2016 by Tom Walton’s company, RopeSwing Hospitality Group. The space has a lot of history, including being the former home of the Benton County Daily Record. (Hence the name). The venue was also once a mid-20th century car dealership. Remnants of this dealership can be found in the original wooden barrel ceilings, cement floor and old paint details.

When speaking with Talk Business, a member of RopeSwing said they “purposely kept the building’s exterior walls - and other features that include garage doors and a wooden roof - in order to stay true to the history of the building and the downtown cityscape.”

The space also boasts bamboo-boarded verandas, two full cocktail bars and an original mural by Mexican artist Edgar Saner. (Pretty snazzy, right?)

Join us in this amazing space on March 15!