Conference Update: Speaker Spotlight

There are some very exciting things happening here at Nowhere Developers!  

Our lineup of conference speakers and breakout session leaders are bringing their deep knowledge of software engineering, machine learning, cryptocurrency, cloud computing and more to Northwest Arkansas.


Meet Chris Moon, a Systems Administrator at Google.

Interesting fact: When asked to choose between Musk or Bezos, Chris picked Parisa Tabriz.

A few things Chris thinks you should read:

Stephen Ashmore #2.png

Meet Stephen Ashmore, a Software Engineer at SupplyPike. 

Interesting fact: It has taken Stephen a couple of years for him to grow out his beard. "It started as just a thing I was doing for a couple weeks while I was on break, but now it is something much longer than that."


Meet Jonas Meyer, a Technical Program Manager at Google.

Interesting Fact: Jonas first learned programming on an old old Apple IIe. "which I “fixed” by rearranging the add-on cards until it would boot. I taught myself Basic using the manual that came with it. Later that year, I started playing with HyperCard on the Mac. I couldn’t figure out why someone would use functions when you could just stuff code into a string and then execute the string. (My first programming instructors were horrified!)"



Meet Dr. Michael Gashler, a Computer Science/Engineering Professor at the University of Arkansas.

Interesting Fact: Dr. Gashler tried to create a solution for a the double-spending problem years before Bitcoin and failed. According to him, “When Satoshi Nakamoto succeeded where I had failed, I knew I had to buy in.”


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Look for our blog post on Luke Godfrey next week, and learn about this local NWA Expert Session leader! 


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Like our line-up? Then you’ll really enjoy our conference!